Thursday, March 22, 2007

Trying something new.

Isn't it funny how difficult it is to try something new and out of the ordinary? Seriously, I've decided to become what I consider to be a dedicated housewife, and the women in my life are giving me so much grief it isn't funny. My mother says "I just can't imagine." So what if I have dreams of being June Cleaver in my clever housedresses and string of pearls (beads actually but these days who knows the difference). This doesn't make my strange or odd. What I should just shlemp around the house in ratty old sweats and dirty t-shirts? Why not put on something that makes me feel pretty and cover it up with an attractive apron? So what if I don't fit the mold of what women look like today? If you ask me women today don't know what they want to be, they don't want to be women. They don't want to be men. They are caught in a state of limbo and that is exactly where the world wants them. Maybe, (and I really don't mean maybe I mean certainly) God's plan for women is a better way. I want to be distinctly feminine. I want my children to go through life knowing that their mother was a woman to the core. I want to teach them God's values and not the world's values. I know that they will not have an easy life if they try to live out the values taught in the Bible, but it will be worth every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

you forgot my stepford wife comments over lunch :)