Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Homeschooling my crazy kids

Ok, we've been doing "informal" homeschooling all summer. You know finding learning wherever we were. We looked at the beach and learned about dolphins. We watched the space shuttle and learned about rip currents at the beach. We named lots of different birds in Florida that we don't have at home. This week was the week to knuckle down and hit the books. I think my kids thought that homeschool was going to be all field trips and fun, which we will do plenty of, and no books.

Well since the weather has been 100 degrees or more in the shade I decided that it was time to come inside and get some of the serious things out of the way. Hey, I must tell you that I prefer the "informal" myself, but I can't have kids who can name EVERY bird in the whole world and not be able to read or add. I just had to seperate them all. I put them together and they play and nobody gets anything done.

Has anybody else had this problem?


Jennifer said...

best of luck!

(I can't give advice on the subject b/c I don't have kids yet :o) but know I'm thinking about you!)

Anonymous said...

Here is my idea....

Don't do it!