Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gas Prices and Gardening

Yesterday, Noah and I spent part of the day wandering around the local garden center dreaming of a huge garden. I'm really impressed with his love of plants. He asked if he could grow cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelons and marigolds in the garden. I told him sure and we shelled out $4.50 for some more plants. He was very excited. He REALLY wanted to buy his Daddy an apple tree and surprise him by planting it, but I told him that he and his Daddy would have to take on that project.

This morning the news is reporting gas at $3.29 a gallon (they may as well say $3.30). I told the Cableman it was a good thing school is almost over and that we were homeschooling next year. It will be much less expensive on gas, not driving the kids back and forth to school everyday. And, it is a good thing we are putting in a garden since fresh fruit and vegetable prices are bound to go up!!

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