Thursday, April 5, 2007

Just 5 Things I have learned.

First, God is Holy. I don't mean holy by our standards, I mean He is exalted or worthy of complete devotion as one perfect in goodness and righteousness. He is by His nature the very definition of a Holy God.

Second, there is no vacancy in the Trinity. Try as I might I cannot control others. I am not God.

Third, prayer isn't just about my wants and needs. Prayer is first about coming before a Holy God and worshiping him, second submitting my will to His, and admitting that I cannot do anything without Him and then asking for help with what burdens my heart.

Fourth, no person can fill all my needs, wants or desires. Only God can fill that "God-shaped hole" which Pascal once referred to. To place that burden on my husband or children is an abomination. I know that abomination is a strong word but I can think of no other word to describe how horrible and destructive this burden can be to those we love.

Fifth, sex was created by God. It is not dirty. It is not shameful. It is not displeasing to God, the God who created it, as long as it is practiced within the limits He set for us. Try this and see if it doesn't radically change your sex life with your spouse. Get down on your knees beside your marriage bed and pray. Pray "God let all that happens in this bed bring glory to you." If you will take a servant's heart into your sex life, you will honor marriage. Give your spouse more honor than you want and it will radically change not just your sex life but your entire relationship.

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