Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Boat

Thursday night I had a horrendous headache and I laid down. The Cableman and the kids were good sports about it, they got all the boat gear out and cleaned out the van so we could leave early on Friday to go to the boat dealership. The Cableman took all the stuff that wouldn't fit in the van and put it in The Friend's Explorer. Good thing too, The Friend was loaded down!

Friday morning we got up early and dressed everybody in MULTIPLE layers, I had on 3 pairs of pants and 4 or 5 shirts, two pairs of socks, tennis shoes, a hoodie and my fishing jacket. We went to the grocery and bought food. I'm gonna have to figure out what food travels well, because bologna just didn't cut it.

So we get to the boat place at 9:00 am and The Cableman's dad met us there. The Cableman's dad was very proud of The Cableman. Anyway, after they showed us how to put on the canopy, explained the motor, told us how to start the thing (the motor is very nice it has a power trim on it which we weren't expecting), had us sign the papers and took us for a test drive on the river, it was 1:30 pm before we ever headed out to the lake. It's a good thing The Friend came along to the dealership because he was able to watch the kiddos while we messed around with the salespeople.

Here is the boat in the parking lot of the dealership. The water on the ground is coming from the watermuffs. They put watermuffs on the engine when it is not in the water so they can start it. You never want to start an outboard marine engine if it isn't in the water. The canvas in the back goes all the way over the back they just had it unsnapped while they were showing The Cableman the gas tank. Of course we took the canvas off to take it to the lake so it wouldn't blow off or rip.

Here are the kids at the cabin blowing off a little steam Saturday morning. They had been in the car so long on Friday that they were anxious to have a little play time.

Here's Gabrielle's first bass ever. Almost a keeper at 13 inches. She was so proud. She kept saying things like, "Daddy told me to keep my pole in the water, and I did and I caught one." and "This is my first bass my Daddy caught with me." and "My Daddy likes bass." I thought for a brief second hey what about Mommy, but I had to giggle at her and myself. At first she was afraid to grab it's mouth because she thought it had teeth.

And Danielle not to be out done caught a good sized bluegill.

The fishing was good off the dock. The Cableman wants to sink a porcupine kind thing under the dock to attract more fish. This weekend we caught bass, crappie, catfish, and bluegill.

It was fun but it was also VERY cold and The Cableman caught some kind of stomach virus. I don't know if he caught it from being run down or if it was just in the air but he was so sick yesterday morning that he couldn't even sit up. He is better today but now I feel like death warmed over, but I have to struggle through because it is spring break and because I have a mountain of laundry.

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