Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Cableman's Boat.

I got several questions yesterday about my Show and Tell picture, so here are the answers.

The boat slip is at Nolin River Lake in Leitchfield, KY.

No, we do not live on the lake we live in the suburbs of Louisville. I would love to live close to Nolin, but I don't really have to live on the lake.

I dream of having a "mini" farm. One where we can grow our own food, etc. However, the Cableman has been in his job for 18 years, and it would be difficult for us to find a job with the kind of benefits he currently has.

We have a pontoon on Nolin, with a canvas "tent" cover. We camp on the boat. We call it our "redneck" house boat. We can't afford a houseboat right now and we are trying to remain as debt free as possible and cannot justify the payments a houseboat would require. We have a little porta-potty on the boat for emergencies and no real shower. Sometimes we rent a campsite close to the marina so we can have a hot shower.

It's a lot of work taking 4 kids and a husband to the lake, but they love it so I do it. I enjoy fishing and riding in the boat, but am exhausted when I get home after a lake weekend.

The "Million Dollar" view is one of the perks of the lake.


Jennifer said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I'm sure your kids will have the best memories of going to that lake when they grow up.

My grandparents have a mountain house in front of a river (you can see the river in one of my pics on my blog) ~~ I love it so much, and my husband fell in love too ~~ we took our honeymoon there! It was just wonderful!

Melissa said...

If you're ever in Lexington, check out Jacobson Park, it's a lot of fun too!