Friday, June 29, 2007

I am overwhelmed!!!

We had a financial emergency this afternoon. A large check that was supposed to be here didn't come and they said that it would be next week before it was processed. This threw us into an unimaginable tail spin. I put out an email requesting prayer. Within in one hour our short term needs were met. The God we serve is AWESOME. Don't get me wrong. Even if He hadn't provided for my short term needs, He is still AWESOME!! I can't imagine life without the Lover of my Soul.


Disney for Boys said...

Amen!!! what a blessing! I will pray that all is taken care of and settled, large and snmall! God is good all the time! :-)

Paula said...

I'm glad we serve a God who shows us His love in so many ways. :)
Mrs. C

Jennifer said...

it's our God awesome!??!

I'm thanking Him for His blessings over you!

Kelli said...

Wonderful news, Kim! Thank God for His blessings!

Unknown said...

Praising the Lord with you!

Kelley said...

God is awesome!
So glad that your needs were met so quickly!