Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The girl with no eyebrows

From the bathroom I hear this. . .

Gabrielle: Mom, do you think my eyebrows are too bushy?
Mommy: No honey they are just fine . . .
Gabrielle: Danielle says they are bushy. . .
Mommy: She is just being mean. . .
Gabrielle: I think they are bushy. . . can I use the tweezers?
Mommy: (Thinks to herself just one pluck and she won't want to use them anymore, but thinks
better and actually says) No sweetheart only old ladies like Mommy pluck eyebrows.
Gabrielle: Silence
Mommy: (Has her hands in dishwater and is almost finished with the dishes)
Gabrielle: Silence
Mommy: (Finishes the dishes and goes to check on Gabrielle, who is standing at the mirror
putting on lipstick.)

Suddenly the child emerges from the bathroom with a scarf wrapped around her forehead. I ask her to remove the scarf and discover that she has SHAVED off her eyebrows with Daddy's electric shaver. Her explaination? She thought they were electric tweezers. Good thing eyebrows grow quickly.

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Jennifer said...


Your story sent me down memory lane when my cousin and I were at her Mimi's house (my great aunt), and we decided that HER eyebrows were too bushy. Although we went the more dangerous route, the real razor that Mimi shaved her legs with. She had to pencil those brows in for a while!

Hope they grow fast for ya :o)