Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The kitchen's done.

The kitchen is done. It took forever, and even though I say it's done there are still a few touches here and there that need to be accomplished. Like hanging pictures, and putting on a door pull here and there and a couple of drawers that need to be repaired, and a new floor would be fantastic, but as for the all out painting thing, I think it's finished. The colors don't show up very well in the photo, the top and cabinets are painted in a Behr paint called Popped Corn and the bottom is a color called Daredevil.

Yes that is a rooster hanging from the ceiling. I had Bunco here last night and I won 2nd prize, I wanted to win 4th prize. Fourth prize was the rooster wind dancer so the girl that won 4th traded with me.

The tablecloth is a JCPenny clearance item. I love a good sale and the table is so long that normal table clothes don't usually fit on it, 104', so I lucked out on it.

If you look closely on top of the refrigerator is Ugly Roosters brother. It seems a sales associate at the Hallmark store my mother works at dropped him and chipped his tail, so now I have a new Ugly Rooster.

Behind the curtain is my washer and dryer.


Kelli said...

Your new kitchen looks *great!* So big and spacious, you did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

so did you do the cabinets white or the popped corn color?

Jennifer said...

your new kitchen is beautiful! I know it's a great relief, and some excitement having it done. I love a great deal as well :o)

I put my washer and dryer behind a curtain too. My mom about had a hissy fit when I took down the bi-fold doors, but then she saw what a softer look it gave to the side of the kitchen.

Love the rooster too! every kitchen needs something to give it charater!

Unknown said...

I love the colors! Your black dining chairs look spectacular against the DareDevil Red!!

Marci said...

Your new kitchen looks wonderful. I hope you enjoy it.